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Footprints of the Past

There is a question I always ask myself. Why do humans need to be fulfilled?  We continuously search for happiness without finding ourselves first. We look upon others for their compliments to be valued as a person. And at the end of the day, who do we have?

Who stares at us when the lights are out or cuddle our thoughts with comforting sounds?  Not realizing who you are capable of being, blinded by the shadows of withered dreams. Memories are a part of us as the sand is a part of the beach, and the stars are a part of the sky. Like a pillow over the nose, the mind, suffocated with the imperfections pointed out by others. Suddenly, you find yourself at a place you tried to escape. Past. Cloudy thoughts with no aim shower the mind with self-hate and destruction. Tragedy strikes as sleepless nights evolve around the enclosed doors. Over there, over here, it’s everywhere.

The dim light of the moon draws you out to the blighted room. Life passes you by as you search through the window upon the sound of distant laughter that whisks away with the wind. Exploring the walls for answers, but what can it say? Emptiness. Mirror, look at me, who am I?

You are who you say you are, you are what you speak into being, and you are whoever you aspire to be. Be mindful of the adjectives you use to describe yourself. Escape the bitter thoughts that linger and embrace yourself. Renew your spirit so that your body as a whole will be like a lily by the riverside.

Validation comes from thy self – adoration comes from thy soul. Once you find inner acceptance and self-love, you will be fulfilled beyond fulfillment. Practice to be contented but do not settle. Accept the things you cannot change with a vengeance. Flow like the river and blossom like the flower for one day you will rise – we all will rise.

Published by Monique Miller

Hi Everyone! Welcome to My Story Time, where I publish short stories, poems, and proses. Writing is more than just putting words on paper, it's an art that fuels one's imagination.

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