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A saddened and heavy heart

Unsettled skies and dark waters

It took slaves over one hundred decades

In the Caribbean, to abolish slavery

A heroic act of bravery

Through the thick forest followed by a cavalry

High in the mountains, low through the valleys ,

Beginning in Haiti, Ending in Cuba,

Herded like animals in a cage

They fought for air

While others breathed freely   

Engraved on their bodies

Scars that impacted centuries

Raised welts and strafe marks; skin torn by a vicious attack

Longing for a restful death – hung at dawn

A memory of humanity’s disgrace

Towards people different from their race

In a world of unbecoming faith ,

Their spirits rumble at our current state

Centuries have passed, and we still suffocate

No way further than their dismay

Innocent bloodshed; our baby’s faces are still wet

Unsettled skies and dark waters

A saddened and heavy heart

I pen to you our long-lost fighters.

Published by Monique Miller

Hi Everyone! Welcome to My Story Time, where I publish short stories, poems, and proses. Writing is more than just putting words on paper, it's an art that fuels one's imagination.

3 thoughts on “Indignity

  1. A very powerful poem. The history of this planet with so much racism and conquering of others, raping, pillaging, on and on has just been horrific. I lived on the Navajo reservation and have seen the devastation. I’ve lived in neighborhoods with people of color and seen the devastation. I’ve worked with Central American and Mexican refugees for years and seen the devastation. I’m looking forward to the time when racism and inequality is gone completely for all people and genders.

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