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The Light

 Through the windowpane

Soft drops of spattered rain

Metal clouds crowd the sky

Over the hills my thoughts elapsed

On memories of the unforgotten past

Burdens I wish not to bare,

But like the cloud, I carry them with fear

Self-destruction would be a crumpling tale 

To the ears and eyes of the ones who stare

Scars left behind from a world unfair,

Covered with white linen and despair ,

Between the dark greys, a thunderstruck

The wind became heavy, and the walls began to fall

From the window, I ran; escaping the brawl

I tumbled in fright, stumbled; I couldn’t get anything right

The world I knew was gone,

I await another day at dawn

I saw the sky, and everything became clear

The walls of sorrow disappeared

Sometimes they have to break to see what’s there

To survive, I needed strength

With that I needed endurance

And in all, I have found peace

Published by Monique Miller

Hi Everyone! Welcome to My Story Time, where I publish short stories, poems, and proses. Writing is more than just putting words on paper, it's an art that fuels one's imagination.

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